Dear friends and fans,

Somehow, we found each other. After 20 years of doing this I am grateful to have found so many loyal, enthusiastic, well-behaved fans. I honestly feel very connected to you because we love comedy, we’re considerate, and we find Gary Gulman incredibly funny.

Over the last several years many of you have asked “When are you coming to ______” And though I never tire of being desired, it has been increasingly frustrating because my answer was I’m not sure, or someday, or I don’t feel safe in Mississippi. So I am genuinely THRILLED to let you know, I’m finally going on a real tour in more cities than I ever have. This is my first “PROPER” tour, titled, It’s About Time.

What’s with the letter? (Are you even still reading this?)

I NEED YOU. I don’t need much. I just need you to show up and laugh and introduce my comedy to your friends. I was going to give away my most recent and favorite album, “No Can Defend” with a purchase of a ticket to one of my shows, but I thought otherwise. I am going to give it away for free.   FREE!!!! Give it to your friends if you haven’t already heard it and I hope it will convince them to go see me live. So here it is CLICK HERE!

Now you may be wondering “He’s not going to do the same jokes I saw in In This Economy (streaming RIGHT NOW on Netflix Instant)? I’m not paying for that!”


I will not do the stuff from any of my previous specials or albums. (Though if there are requests at the end I will do my best to accommodate with some “hits”).

Now go, rejoice, spread the word and get your free comedy. I will see you after the shows where we will take pictures and in 10 years we’ll marvel over how young we were once. I sincerely appreciate your encouragement and kind words over the years. Thank you and good night.

Gary Gulman, it’s About Time Tour:


09/11/14 Thu Scottsdale, AZ Stand up Scottsdale
09/12/14 Fri Scottsdale, AZ Stand up Scottsdale
09/13/14 Sat Scottsdale, AZ Stand up Scottsdale
10/10/14 Fri Philadelphia, PA Helium Comedy Club
10/11/14 Sat Philadelphia, PA Helium Comedy Club
10/16/14 Thu Atlanta, GA Laughing Skull
10/17/14 Fri Atlanta, GA Laughing Skull
10/18/14 Sat Atlanta, GA Laughing Skull
10/19/14 Sun Atlanta, GA Laughing Skull
10/22/14 Wed Los Angeles, CA Largo
11/06/14 Thu Tacoma, WA Tacoma Comedy Club
11/07/14 Fri Tacoma, WA Tacoma Comedy Club
11/08/14 Sat Tacoma, WA Tacoma Comedy Club
11/15/14 Sat Washington, DC Sixth & I
11/20/14 Thu Minneapolis, MN Turf Club
11/21/14 Fri Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall
11/29/14 Sat Toronto, ON Comedy Bar
11/30/14 Sun Toronto, ON Comedy Bar
12/05/14 Fri Boston, MA The Sinclair
12/13/14 Sat New York , NY The Bowery Ballroom